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Jaw type coupling torsional flexible with good dynamic charateristics. Easy mounting ,shock and vibration absorption.
Gear coupling with nylon sleeve, torsionally rigid, double cardanic.
SITEX® ST Couplings
SITEX® ST couplings are fully manufactured in high quality steel. The special OPTIGEAR profile, allows very high torque transmission and the compensation of axial, angular and radial misalignment.
Super elastic coupling, allow to compensate very high shaft misalignement.
Elastic coupling "P"
Hubs made in brass and spider in rubber.
Gear coupling with steel hub and flange in nylon fibreglass reinforced designed to connect flywheel to pump in hydrostatic drives, according to SAE J620.
TRASCO® ES: Zero-Backlash Flexible Couplings
They transmit motion with absolute precision and without any backlash. Ideal in every servomotor application.
SERVOPLUS® Couplings
Bellow couplings for highest precision torque transmission, low moment of inertia, high torsional rigidity, easy mounting and innovative modular execution.
METALDRIVE® disc couplings are all steel made and are maintenance, lubrification and wear free.
Bolt coupling
The bolt coupling is a rigid coupling. It is made of two halves, wich are cast iron grade GG25 connected by mean of bolts.
Precision universal joints
Steel made. Singles, doubles and extensibles.